Cloud Hosted CRM and Contact Manager

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 Welcome to Your own online Contact Manager.
Available where ever you can use the internet - on
PC, Tablet, Smartphone and Int. Cafe

  What is it?  (Briefly)F.A.Q.   Try the Demo.

A Database of your;-

Clients/Customers/Prospects ,
        Name and address, telephone no's, comments and Notes (See Below).
If Customers have Branches their details will also be fully recorded, as will those of all Contacts within the organisation.

    All details of  contacts, branches etc also held for suppliers

    Each contact has its own record and can stand on its own or be linked to a client and/or supplier.

    Every record caries category filters. Filter by importance, for say, Current, Less Current etc or regular or occasional follow up. Plus by (say) line of business, business type etc.
Use as many categories as you need.

    Notes are attached to one of the other files (i.e. Clients, Suppliers, Branches or Contacts).
All notes have a topic. You can create as many topics as you like. User name and date are appended every time a note is added.
You can even list all the notes for a topic, say if you are organising an event or mounting a campaign, or even checking sales calls.

    Send emails and add them to your notes for contacts.
    Send E-Mails to groups of contacts - adding to the notes of each.

    You and each of your users have their own diary for appointments, notes and even a TO DO list.
    Diarise while talking to and adding notes to contacts

Try the Demo

There are four levels of user, and we have only given level 4 usage in the demo, which allows read only on all files. Like to take a look? Click Here