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Q How Much?
 First Month Free
£6.00 per month for 3 users
£10.00 per month up to 10 users
£15.00 per month up to 20 users
Q Can I have my own name and logo?
 Yes. On the application form we ask for your url. This is so we can custamise it to your look.
Q Can I try it first?
 Yes. you can run it for a month for Free with up to 3 users. We will not even ask for a credit card.
Q Can I get my existing data transfered with out having to enter it manually?
 If your data is in some form of organised file we will try to upload it for you. Send it to us and we will let you know.
Q Will my data be available fo anyone else to see?
 Only if you give them a user name and password.