Cloud based CRM and Contact Manager

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To use the Demo you will need a user name and password.
These are:-

User = Demo
Pass = Password
Before you begin here is a quick review of things to try

Once you have logged on Select from Customer/Supplier/ or Contacts

You now have your telephone list from where you can:-

Enter search info - select a field to search

Filter by Category
Click Here to see Details
Click Here to see list of Branches
Click here for list of Contacts
Click here for notes and e-mails

Click here to return to list
Click here to go to Client or Supplier
Select a Branch from list then
Click here
Click here to see contacts details
To E-Mail a contact go to thier notes
Contact Note

You can also E-Mail a group of contacts and update all thier notes at the same time
Select Group E-Mails from the Contacts list Group E-Mail
Select a Topic & type the note then
Click here
Use the filters to get your list
Deselect any others you dont want
Select a Topic for the Notes Section
Upload any attatchment