System Design

We have an extensive library of previously written programs and work in consultation with each client to determine the best solution for them. We arrive with an open mind and aim to get a complete understanding of your business and operations before we make any suggestion of how the system
will operate.

Software Writing

All our software is written in house, much of it based on programs we have written previously. Once installed we continue to develop the system as your business grows.


We install our own and other standard software. We also install servers, PCs, Printers, scanners, networks and all other  hardware you may need.


You can rely on full support for all our own and many standard software suites, plus general system support (i.e. networking, printers and operating systems).

Web Design

We can make your existing site mobile friendly.

Whilst we make no claims to be the greatest visual web designers, our programming and system skills have proved to be successful in making custom websites productive; taking them beyond inserted basic hyperlinks. We create on-line data bases, stock control and sales systems. If you have a creative member of your team, or you already have a website and want to make it work for you we will happily work with you to produce a sharp, professional and effective web site.


Cloud Computing

Are you out and about, on the move?. putting your systems on the cloud can free you to work from anywhere, even on your 'phone or tablet. Your employees can complete their reports and timesheets on their mobiles.